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Hello Science World!

downloadSo… I’ve been on Twitter for a while now, and after following so many awesome scientists there I decided to set up my own pseud account and to blog! I have no idea how to blog. I keep thinking that I cannot write things that sound funny or smart. That I have no time for that and blah blah blah. So what? I’ll do it!

Why? Scientists need to connect! One of my favorite thing to do at a science meeting is to do networking. I rarely go to talks. Not because they are not interesting, but because usually I am so busy talking to other researchers that I can’t find the time to anything else. Talking to people in your field is so important! You exchange ideas, results, really working as a shortcut for many of your projects! What is better in the blogging world is that you have a whole audience! Scientists from all over the world blog about general science, grant writing, and so many other things that are useful to postdocs like me. So what if my doubts and my fears can be eased by someone reading my posts? Or maybe my achievements can help some other postdoc down there?

I promise that I’ll try to blog kind of often, try to blog interesting things and also funny things. One more thing in my to do list. Talk about my Science Reveries should not be so hard – after all I love doing science, I love talking about science, therefore I’ll love writing about science too.

Would love to hear comments if I’m doing fine, or just encouragement! Hope to see you around here!

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