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Back to USA resolutions

Wow, it’s been a while since I don’t write here. But for a very good reason. After a very long time I was able to fulfill all the requirements and finally got my VISA! I have no words to describe how I feel about finally being able to come back to what it became “home” to me.  A lot of people here asked me why I wanted so badly to come back. I felt a lot of pressure of trying to get a job here and forget about coming back to the US. I cannot deny that sometime in the middle of all the trouble I gave it a thought. But… no. I live there for 5 years already. I got used to the way people are, the way science is done, and this year here at home country made me realize how those things became important in my life!

So now what? I have one week remaining here, that seems like eternity for me! Although I still have tons of things to arrange, friends to say goodbye, some data analysis and last meetings in visiting lab, I am so ready to come back! We are renewing our R01 in my US lab, finishing two papers… I am receiving my collaborator two days after I’m back in town and I’m so much looking forward to it! I’m talking about MY collaborator, not from my lab. A line of research of my own, kind of my first step towards independence! All I can think about is to come back and work hard. If there’s something that is left from this year away is that I really know what I want now. To get a TT position ASAP and have my own lab!

I met someone at one workshop here that gave me 3 advices: 1) keep publishing, 2) do networking, 3) apply everywhere. And that’s what I’m planning to do. Work on smaller projects, yes or no answers that can get published easier. Of course, continue with the big questions, but try to balance that. I already sent emails to several researchers of my area to let them know that I’m coming back and asking to meet them at SFN (that of course, I am attending this year!). Still not sure about when I’ll be able to start applying for jobs, I already applied for a couple, but I still spend too much time tailoring the cover letter and everything that is seems that I won’t have too much time for that in a short term.

Does anyone have some other good advice for me to get that dreamed TT position?

3 thoughts on “Back to USA resolutions

  1. Good to see you back!
    I don’t have any advice at the moment; I’m still a grad student trying to make it in life. I will be looking forward to your posts about landing your dream TT job. Good luck!


  2. Thanks for this positive feel good post, exactly what I needed to start my day with a smile 🙂 Happy for you you’re heading back soon and full of plans! No advice here either, looks like I’ll be reading your blog to pick up some tricks that I can use later on 😉 Fingers crossed that things will work out the way you want.


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