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Life is good

I AM BACK! Yes, after one very long year I am finally back to the US! I don’t have words to describe all the happiness that I felt when I arrived and that I still feel during this first week here. My house was completely dusty and humid, my car does not work, I don’t have a driver’s license yet, but nothing bothers me, because I’m back!

Many times during this past year I caught myself thinking what was the reason of all this happening in my life. I am one of those people that thinks that everything happens for a reason, and I cannot think that I’m such a bad person that life could bring me such a nightmare in vain. Unfortunately I didn’t come up with a reason (yet). But, this year away did change me A LOT. I feel like some kind of superwoman in science, maybe because during this time I could not do many things that I was slowly planning to do, now I feel like I want to do them all, right now! We are all procrastinators, and deep inside we never think that we are fully able to do certain things…

Green card is already filled, just received the visit of my math collaborator (and long time friend) and we already set up experiments to get preliminary data for our future grant. Have my agenda pretty full with meetings about papers to submit, grants to work on and undergrad students that will help me.  Have a few TT positions in mind to apply, and although I’m not going to have much time to work hard into applications this job season, I am going to start applying!

Lately my blog seems more like a journal than a science blog. Although that was not really my main goal, I enjoy to think that people reading my blog can know me and understand a little bit more of myself. And now that I’m back and comfortable again it will be easier to write more scientific posts!      

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