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Postdoc interests

Hey everybody!

We want to make a series of informal meetings with postdocs here in my University. The idea is to share experiences, doubts and solve problems – the old good networking thing.

What are the topics that would be useful to talk about, as a postdoc?

My first thoughts:

  • Reserch funding
  • Career planning
  • Time management
  • Green card application

Can you help me come up with some nice ideas here?




4 thoughts on “Postdoc interests

  1. CV writing (vs resume writing), the various aspects of academic job applications (cover letter, research statement, teaching statement), how to develop independent projects, how to identify & approach possible collaborators


  2. If there are a lot of postdocs with kids, how to work around childcare issues, time management and ideas of extra babysitting services, etc.


  3. Networking with people in your field, and also outside the field. Considering other careers paths besides the TT, how to do effective presentations, especially when it comes to preparing for a job talk. Managing stress, working around difficult people. Oh so many things I wish I had talked about during my postdoc.


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