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Sciquest is here

Shutdown is over. So what? Things are still pretty bad for research. With less money to spend, less people are getting funded and more people are applying for funding, making it all much harder. I feel like I am in a black hole and can’t see a way out. I’m back to the US for a little more than a month and all I’ve been doing is to work at the damn computer. Applied for a job (that didn’t work) and now just *kind of* finished writing my first R03 grant.

My PI told me that our budget allows us to order and mantain about 30 rats/month. That’s nothing if you think that there is a grad student, another postdoc and me working with animals in the lab! So we have to take shifts in ordering rats! That’s terrible. Then I look at my CV and see that I didn’t publish a paper as a first author since 2011. That looks bad, no? But how can I write a grant and work in the bench at the same time? I’m a freshman, it takes me forever to come up with a decent text for my grant…. Also, no money for rats!

Then it’s job season. Yesterday I spent hours looking at adds and choosing which ones I’d fit in. There are some nice jobs out there, but then I look at my CV with any glam publication and with no American funding or history of funding. This makes me wonder if it’s really worth “waste” time on all those job applications…

Sorry about the bad post, probably just tired and will feel better tomorrow….


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