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Tips for your industry resume

As I am not sure if I am going to have a job or not next year, I decided to be prepared. If necessary, I will have to apply to everything and everywhere. And this includes industry jobs. I’ve never ever done a resume in my entire life, and it took me a lot of effort to come up with a decent draft. Luckily I met a person working for the government that was kind enough to look at it and today we had a coffee meeting to discuss it. It was really useful and I hope I can help people our there!

– Leave the impostor syndrome behind. Academics tend to be too modest and don’t brag about themselves. Don’t short sell yourself. If you think you are good at something, call yourself an expert. Make it stand in your resume. You should put it in a way that you are the best person on earth with those skills.

– Make it simple. To the point. They don’t care about where you gave the talk or even the title of it. Just that you are an excellent speaker with extensive practice on oral presentations and teaching. For every skill, set up how you acquired that skill, in a clear and concise way (I know, it’s easier said than done).

– Try to read it with the mind of someone that doesn’t really have lab experience and explain why that particular point is great. One cannot just say “supervised XX UG and XX GS”, but also state what they were being trained to do. Don’t assume they will know why you think that particular bullet point is important to be there. Explain it.

– Add a section named “Professional Development” where you can add service and other things that are not skills neither job experience. Peer review, member of associations, organizing committee for scientific conferences. They like service. It shows outside involvement and initiative.

– Also cut the BS. Critical thinking and other skills that any other scientist will have don’t need to be in your resume.

Hope it helps! Good luck 🙂

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