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We are superheroes – Aleppo #GivingTuesday

I had the pleasure to meet Pierre Le Corf around one year ago. It was a weekday, and I went to a bar to meet a friend for a quick beer. As I was going to leave, another friend introduced me to Pierre – and I stayed there talking to him for another two or three hours. I’ve never met anyone like that in my entire life. His kindness and desire to help people is something extraordinary. Listening to him talk about the problems of the world as a whole, and how he fights against them was truly inspiring.

Everyone has a story, a life knowledge to share. We have so much to learn from each others.


Pierre is an humanitarian who sold everything he owned  and started going around the world listening to stories from marginalized communities and posting them in a blog. After a while he founded We are superheroes, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and the self-confidence of marginalized communities through storytelling. You can read more about his journey here. On April 2016 he went to Aleppo, what was supposed to be a short visit, and has been there since, helping people. I only met him that very first time, but we became friends on Facebook and I kept following his journey through there. Although he was recently accused of being a propagandist Assad, he is still standing strong, helping civilians affected by war.

I remember thinking that I should write a blog post about my experience of meeting him. It didn’t happen back then, but I have been thinking a lot about Pierre during these last few days, while reading and listening to the battle happening in Aleppo right now.I remember my last words to him were “Thank you. People like you make this world a better place”. Today is #GivingTuesday, and my donation will go to his organization and his amazing work.  I hope you can do the same, and help sharing his story.

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