5th #DiversityJC recap

I believe it’s this time of year, everybody is so busy! Sorry for the delay, but here goes last week’s #DiversityJC recap! We have a limited audience, but the discussion was great, as always!

I started the conversation asking What can we do to help academic training of conservation scientists?  As @biochembelle pointed out, academic training is a very broad term. Maybe undertaking historical reviews of contributors and perspectives, with intentional balance of representation of underrepresented minority/women. @DrEmilySKlein pointed it out that our goal is incentive the convo to lead to actions we can take in reality.

The article suggests more forums at conferences, in journals and on social media to increase conservation awareness. @CEK_1of9 brought our attention to the fact that scientists arguing just do conservation a disservice because general population thinks things like “climate change isn’t real”, when the real discussion should be “how much of it is real”. I agreed that to increase conservation awareness in the general public should be scientist’s priority #1.

Probably because women are called “whiny little girls” when doing so… as @mccullermi pointed sharing this very relevant link of a letter from a woman conservationist. @DrEmilySKlein suggested to amplify diverse voices when hiring, determining a conference panel or session, putting together collaborations. @biochembelle pointed that although it can ring of “fix the people not the system” but we also need to help prepare people for being there… Maybe increasing conservative awareness through local outreach, social media and classroom education!

That’s it. You can add your name to the call for inclusive conservation at http://diverseconservation.org. And see you next Friday for a new #DiversityJC discussion!