Twitter and Blogging vs Time

About one year ago I started to use twitter, to follow scientists accounts and found all very exciting. I never thought twitter could be such a powerful way to communicate with other fellow scientists! I didn’t post twits very often, and I blamed it mostly on the fact that I don’t have a WiFi connection in my phone. But also, realized that if I used a pseudo I would be able to share more.┬áSo a couple of weeks ago I did it! Set up a new Twitter account, a new blog. Got so excited about that, like I was a whole new person! Promised myself that I was going to be actively on Twitter and that I was going to publish at least a blogpost per week.

Suddenly tons shit of work fall into my lap. My boss wants me back home ASAP and he also wants me to bring ALL results with me. Pressure. Measurements does not work. Frustration, more attempts. Then remember twitter. Oh, I open it and just glance my eyes through the first posts, without being able to focus. At night at home I open my RSS feed to take a look at blogs that I follow. So many nice posts! So many good thing out there.

Then I feel so frustrated. Keep reading posts and twits from people that might be way much busy that I am. Feel that is important to communicate, that scientists should keep blogs, etc etc. But am I really able to do it? I have tons of ideas of what I could write about, but feel I can’t find the time to do it. Maybe it’s just my life right now, where everything is so uncertain. But on the other hand, like when you want to give up smoking, people say there’s never going to be an optimal time to do that. That’s why I feel frustrated. I know my life is crazy right now but I also know that things will not get better or easier. The worries and duties will just be different.

That’s why I decided to write this post. And keep trying to find the time for Doctor_PMS!