PubMed Commons: Facebook for Scientists?

So in the beggining of the week, NCBI released a new forum for scientific discussion named PubMed Commons. I couldn’t get into it until yesterday, when I tried to click on a link shared on Twitter of a comment that he posted about his own paper. Surprisingly, what I saw was a normal Pubmed page, with a normal abstract and without any comment whatsoever. Then I realized I was not included in the cool kids list that can use PubMed Commons. At first I thought that just having an eRA commons login and a NCBI account would make the trick. No, no, big mistake. You have to be in the list of approved email addresses. Anyways, it seems that if you are author of some publication with NIH funding you can ask for someone to “invite” you to the cool kids party. Anyways…. my point is, I don’t really know if I like this idea of commenting on PubMed. Some points that I have in mind:

– Is it going to be like Facebook? Maybe they could include a LIKE button next to the abstract!

– But, what if someone that doesn’t have a clue about my work writes a nasty comment? Can I delete it?

– And what about those that still don’t have their scientific judgement completely developed, don’t you think that they are going to be influenced by the comments of big names in the field about this and that paper?

Then in the future we can put in our CV not only the impact factor of the journal you publish but also the number of comments (or likes) in PubMedCommons. Really not sure if I like this or not. Let’s see.